Terms of Services

Senior Home Care the “COMPANY” has its primary location at 19737 Ventura Blvd Suite 205 Woodland Hills CA 91364. This “Agreement” is made effective as of between the  COMPANY” and client, located at .


  1. The Home Care Company’s Duties

Provide a caregiver to take care of client in their home. Caregiver/CNA will have clean background check, experience, and pass drug test. Caregiver/CNA will help client with activities of daily living. Caregiver/CNA can help with bathing, medication reminders, grooming, meal preparation and other activities. Caregiver is not allowed to perform any medical procedures.


  1. Client

Agrees to pay to COMPANY for their services. By California law anything over 8 hours is considered 1.5 (x) the normal rate or overtime. We will send bill out at the end of the week and then bill the agreed upon payment as evidence by the invoice.


4 Hours- $25.00 per hour

5 Hours: $24.00 per hour

6 Hours: $22.00 per hour

7 Hours: $21.00 per hour

8 Hours: $20.00 per hour

9 Hours: $19.00 per hour

10 Hours: $19.00 per hour

11 Hours: $18.00 per hour

12 Hours: $18.00 per hour

If client needs to cancel for any reason we ask for a 24 hour notice. If client needs extra hours done in the day please give the agency a 4 hour window to get additional help if need be. For first time clients a 7 days deposit will be asked for which goes towards first invoice. This deposit will be based off the number of hours needed in the day and for the amount of days in the week needed. 

If full money is not used we will refund any money owed.

For those needing driving assistance 0.56 cents per mile will be charged when caregiver drives their car. We will send out invoices at the end of the week or after every 7 days of service. If client needs to cancel we ask for a 24 hour notice prior to cancellation. If any money is not fully used a full refund on what is not used will be given back to the clients within 5 business day.


  1. Hiring the Caregiver Privately

I agree that neither I nor any one on my behalf may employ any Senior Home Care worker for a period of one hundred eighty (180) days following completion of services rendered. In the event I violate the above condition, I shall pay Senior Home Care the sum of $5,000.00 as liquidated damages.

This is the parties’ entire agreement as shown by their signatures below.

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Signed by Felix Davis
Signed On: January 26, 2018

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